Hit and Runs Attorney in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Were You Involved in a Hit-and-Run Accident? You Still Have Options for Recovery

A serious motor vehicle accident can be devastating. However, if the other driver does not stop, and instead leaves the scene, it can make an already stressful situation even worse. Without their insurance information, how are you going to pay for your medical bills and support your family while recovering? At the Massachusetts Law Office of James A. Maniatis, we understand the difficulties and stress of recovering compensation following a motor vehicle accident. We also know that you still have options for pursuing compensation under your insurance coverage. As your advocate, our Worcester hit-and-run accident attorney will help you identify all avenues for coverage and protect your rights and interests throughout the process.

Understanding Your Personal Injury Protection and Uninsured Motorist Coverages If you own a car and have car insurance, you most likely have personal injury protection (PIP) and uninsured motorist coverages. PIP is designed to provide compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation if at-fault parties cannot be identified or they are uninsured. Even if you were hit as a pedestrian or while biking along the road, you are entitled to seek PIP and uninsured motorist coverage if you have insurance and the at-fault driver cannot be found. You have paid insurance premiums for years to help you in just this type of situation. We will negotiate with insurance adjusters on your behalf so you can concentrate on getting better.

Protecting Your Rights in Arbitration If your insurance company does not honor its agreement to provide PIP or uninsured motorist coverage, claiming either you were at fault or that your injuries were not caused in an auto-related accident, for example, we will protect your rights in arbitration. Most insurance policies contain a clause stating that parties will settle all uninsured motorist disputes through arbitration. Our lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in arbitrations against their own insurance companies. We will take the proper steps to build your claim and protect your right to maximum compensation.

Contact Our Shrewsbury Injury Compensation Attorney for a Free Consultation You still have options for recovering the compensation you need following a hit-and-run accident. Contact our firm for a free initial consultation and personal injury services focused on your needs.