Worcester Social Security Disability Lawyer

flagSometimes serious accidents result in permanent injuries or lifelong disability. Without the ability to obtain adequate employment, you may be worried about how to maintain financial stability and provide for your family. The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits to those who have worked under covered employment for a number of years and paid into the system via Social Security taxes.

If you were seriously injured on the job or in a serious accident that resulted in permanent disability, you could eligible to receive SSD benefits. An experienced Worcester Social Security Disability attorney can help you. The Law Office of James A. Maniatis works with experienced attorneys associated with our firm who have demonstrated skill in assisting clients with the entire disability benefits process.

Experienced Shrewsbury SSD/SSDI Attorney

Attorney Paul Durkee routinely works with our firm in helping private sector employees obtain SSD benefits. He understands the complexities involved and helps clients gather the necessary medical and employment information to position their SSD applications for success.

If your SSD claim was denied, he will also walk you through each step in the appeals process:

  • Request for reconsideration — The first step after your claim is denied is to ask the SSA to review the application again.
  • Appeals hearing — This is your chance to verbally demonstrate your need for benefits before an administrative law judge. We will help you prepare for the hearing and attend with you as your advocate
  • Appeal before the SSA Council — The final administrative step is to take your claim before the SSA Appeals Council.

Wherever you are in the process — whether filing an initial application or needing to appeal — lawyer Paul Durkee will serve as your advocate to pursue the benefits you need.

Representation for Public Employees

Massachusetts state employees and public servants are not eligible for SSD benefits. Instead, they must apply for municipal state pension benefits from either Accidental Disability Retirement (ADR) benefits, which cover disabilities caused by work-related injuries, or Ordinary Disability Retirement (ODR) benefits, which cover disabilities caused by accidents outside the workplace. We understand the different standards and procedures that apply to both ADR and ODR benefits, and will help you through the entire process.

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